Gospel Growth Groups--3G Network

What is a 3G Network?


Luke 22:27 – “For who is the greater, one who reclines at table or one who serves?  Is it not the one who reclines at table?  But I am among you as the one who serves.”


Gospel Growth Groups
Gospel Growth Groups (3G Networks) function to spur our members on to service.  Groups meet weekly at various times and locations.  Check with the greeters, or look at the board in the Sanctuary for this information. 
What is it?  (Our Methodology)
Gospel Growth Groups exist to build a community to reach a community.  To connect people into groups of 7-12 members who covenant to meet together on a regular basis for a common purpose.  They are led by an identified facilitator who is assisting them in their progress toward full devotion to Christ by intentionally providing an environment for connection, community, and spiritual formation.
Gospel Growth Groups adhere to 30 Core Values (Beliefs, Practices, and Virtues).
“It’s not so much that the Real Christian Community has been tried and found wanting – rather it has yet to be experienced at all!”
Our Mission:
To see Christ formed in individual believers
Our Vision:
To become a church where no one stands alone – EVER
Our Purpose – S.E.A.
Evangelism - (discipleship/shepherding)
Assimilation (to absorb into the main cultural body; cause to resemble)
BIBLICAL COMMUNITY is the Body of Christ expressing the life and message of Christ to build up one another and redeem the world for God’s glory.


Seven Functions of Biblical Community
Spiritual Formation:  As members of a biblical community, we will assess our own development in Christ.  Am I more like Jesus now?
Evangelism:  We each desire to see at least one household come to faith in Christ each year.
Reproduction:  We will seek to reproduce another group at least once a year.
Volunteerism:  As members of a biblical community we will commit ourselves to support the greater body of Christ at our local church through involvement in ministries and service opportunities.
 International & Local Missions:  The biblical community will support at least one missions project through increased awareness, commitment to prayer, financial contributions, and hands-on involvement.
Care:  The foundation of biblical community will be our commitment to care for one another. 
Extending Compassion:  Each biblical community will commit to participating as families in on-site compassion projects throughout the year outside the church. 




Come worship with family ~ Isaiah 1:18